Finn Dalton & Mosley June | Newborn

During our time of waiting for these precious babies of ours, I longed for many things. To hold, kiss, smell, snuggle them. Taking pictures of their sweet details was also on that list. I've walked into many homes and seen the parents faces light up as they snuggle their newest addition, and while I snap their photos I would hold back the tears as I just so longed to be in their shoes. Well, two years later we have our miracle babies and they have changed our worlds forever. Its funny though, as I stood over them ready to take their photos, the tears just fell. I put my camera down, scooped them up and we sat there and I cried and I held them and held them and thanked Jesus for them. I don't know how long I sat there but I do know that what I thought was a moment I had dreamed of for so long became easily replaced with another that I will forever remember. If you haven't read our story, I would encourage you to. Not because I want you to know our story but because I think everyone goes through something and if we can share a bit of our pain, it might bring healing and comfort to a hurting someone. Your not alone in your suffering. He hears you and He sees you.